Monday, April 16, 2012

Room Inspiration: Living Room Furniture Ideas

We have been talking about getting new furniture in our living room for a few months now.  Our couch and chair are only about 7 years old but the chair has some discoloration and the couch just isn't that comfortable anymore (full disclosure:  some parts of it creak when you sit down and other parts you feel like you are on the floor).  We mentioned this to some friends and family and received several offers for each piece.  We jumped on the offer for the chair because it was the thing we knew for certain we wanted to get rid of.  Unfortunately, I had not gone out to look for a new chair before we got rid of the old one.  It's not too big of a deal because we just sit on the couch anyway but if you come over...get ready to sit on the couch with us because there is no where else! 

I'm not sure what I want to get yet so I'm looking for some inspiration.  Not sure why I'm drawn to these yellow and gray combos but I am loving them.

Modern living contemporary living room
Decor by Jennifer Inc contemporary living room
Modern Manor contemporary living room
Glitzy-Glam meets Farmhouse-Chic contemporary living room
San Anselmo Living Room eclectic living room


  1. I love that last living room with the eclectic photo collage. Decorating is so much fun, but stressful. Good luck!

    Penniless Socialite

  2. I love yellow and gray together. I just redid my living room incorporating those colors. In the first photo, they used many different prints, but everything flows so well.

  3. I love the wood panels on the last picture!

    My name is Kristen and I'm with the Arcadian Lighting blog. I was wondering if you could e-mail me a I'd love to discuss a guest post opportunity with you!

  4. I love the rug in the photo with the dog. It would look fabulous in my dining room.


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