Monday, February 6, 2012

My Haul: Jason Wu for Target

I made the early morning trip to Target yesterday morning not knowing what I'd find.  I was surprised to see still full displays of pretty dresses, tops and skirts!  There were very few people at Target yet which I attribute to the Superbowl hoopla going on around town.  The only thing that was sold out already was the cat tote.  I'm thinking employees probably snagged these as soon as they were out of the box. I don't know. 

added 2/22/12:  I should add that I arrived at the store half an hour after it opened so there was no waiting in line.  If people did wait in line to get in they didn't take too much (except for maybe the cat tote :) ).

The dresses were very sweet and pretty.  I didn't purchase one because I couldn't think of one place I would wear any of them.  I guess if I frequented garden parties (or knew how to make them work in my everyday life) I would have picked one up but I just couldn't picture me ever wearing one.  I immediately thought of Zooey Deschanel.  She would rock these dresses.  The one dress I thought I would get some use out of was the Printed Cycle Dress in Black but they didn't have it at the store I went to (according to the website it wasn't sold in stores) and didn't want to try and get it online. 

Here is what I brought home:

The Cap Sleeve Pleated Blouse in Belize Blue and The Navy Dot Blouse with Tie:

 The Cat Print T-Shirt:

The Straw Classic Flap Handbag:

 Did anyone else get any Jason Wu for Target?

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