Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wish I Was Here Wednesday: Miami Penthouse

Last year we stayed in Miami Beach for a night after a cruise.  I discovered I loathe cruises and love Miami Beach.  Despite my husband constantly trying to bring me back to reality that we did not fit in at the clubs and swanky hotels on South Beach, I soaked up the sun at our hotel's pool while the DJ spun and felt glamourous and cool.  (A DJ and security guards at a pool?  FABULOUS!)  We stayed at The Shore Club in Miami Beach.  It's design was very clean and modern with finished concrete floors throughout.  But of course the pool area was my favorite. 
Miami has unbelievable modern style and art deco artictecure.  I just love it. 

Here is one place I wouldn't mind being this Wednesday.  These pictures are of a Miami Penthouse designed by Michele Safra.

Miami Penthouse modern living room
Miami Penthouse modern dining room
Miami Penthouse modern living room
Miami Penthouse tropical bedroom
Miami Penthouse modern living room

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