Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bedroom Design Ideas: Headboards

Like most bloggers, I am obsessed with pinterest.  I have been pinning lots of pictures lately of bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens to get ideas on how to redo ours.  In doing this I have found some great ideas for different headboards, things that maybe (if you are so inclined) you could do yourself on the cheap.

Here are some of my favorite headboard ideas:

Old Mantle as a Headboard

Source: casasugar.com via Jill on Pinterest

Old Barn Doors as a Headboard

Source: elledecor.com via Jill on Pinterest

Tufted Headboard

Fabric Headboard on a Curtain Rod

Reclaimed Wood as a Headboard

Antique Doors as a Headboard (This might be my favorite)

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  1. those are all such cool ideas! I don't have a headboard and would love to try one of those!


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