Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back From Vacation

Since my husband had some days off this month, we decided to plan a trip down to Florida.  Before we left I was wondering what I was thinking when I was planning this trip back in August, when I thought it would be ok to take a week off right before Christmas.  There is too much to do!  Presents to buy!  Plans to make!  As soon as we got to the beach on beautiful Sanibel Island though, I felt calm and relaxed.  No more wondering what to get my Dad for Christmas.  No more panicking about getting everything done before the Holidays.  All I thought about was how warm it was, how great the sun felt and where we were going to eat for dinner.  My thinking quickly switched to how everyone should take a week off before Christmas to relax and de-stress.

We got back last night.  Already my stress has crept back in.  I feel like a creep because I didn't plan any Holiday gifts for my coworkers.  I still don't have my shopping done, have only three days to do it and have to work two of those days.  And still I have to wrap everything!  I know it will all get done and it will work out fine but I hate that such a joyful time of year puts on so much pressure.  I think I should have stayed on the beach.

Here are some of the pictures I took on my iPhone.  I took a million on my regular camera.  It might have to wait until after Christmas to look at those!

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