Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Skirt - Six Ways

In early October I fell in love with a skirt at Fossil.  It was a pricey $68.  I told myself I could only justify the cost if I wore it a lot.  Not just once like I do with many of my impulse buys, but I had to bring this skirt into my regular rotation if I bought it at full price.  I have had this problem of worn once impulse buys my entire life.  I remember at around age 11 or 12 my obsession with all things the color turquoise was at a high peak.  My room was turquoise, I had turquoise high top chucks and I wanted a turquoise hat.  My mom told me I would have to wear it everyday for her to buy it.  I promised her I would wear it every day.  I maybe wore the hat twice.  She still reminds me about that hat.   So in order to purchase this skirt, I decided I had to wear it in six different outfits (with things I already had) in the next six weeks and make it into a blog post.  It had to get more use than that hat! 

The skirt - Fossil Gretchen - No Longer Available:

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My Outfits:

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Thanks to my fabulous coworker and friend, Lara, who took these pictures with various cell phones! 

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