Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

I'm thankful for last weekend when Saturday I ran a 5k and while not a PR, I ran in 27:03, which is good for me.

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The race was at a winery and all runners received a complimentary glass of wine (and post race snacks and a bottle of water but that really isn't worth mentioning is it?).   I highly recommend the Foch at Mallow Run Winery, it's fantastic.  I was so grateful to have my husband yelling for me at the finish line.  He wasn't at my last 5k (he was busy with a sprint tri) and he missed me finishing my half marathon.  Yep, missed it (not his fault...he was there...lots of people...I was finishing sooner than we thought...).  So I was very excited he was there cheering me on at this one.

Then on Sunday I had a great day at my sister's celebrating my nephew's 9th birthday.  I had fun taking pictures but my nephew had more fun taking pictures with his new camera. 

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I'm excited (and grateful) for the weekend.  I hope to take some time to make some cards.  I haven't done that in a long time and I've been wanting to...the ones above are too cute. 

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