Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

I thought it would be nice to get back to my weekly gratitude post. As always, the big things are implied (i.e. health, family and friends) but here are some of the little things that made me thankful this week.

  • I'm thankful that my sister helped me peel peaches last Saturday. If she hadn't, I would still be sitting at my Mom and Dad's peeling away to get to the 14 pints we canned. (I'm a very slow peach peeler apparently.) I'm also thankful that my Dad and nephew picked the peaches and my Mom did the canning part. So really I didn't do much. :)

  • I'm thankful for new fall clothes and accessories. Despite loving summer and summer clothes, I'm excited to bring out some old and new cooler weather favorites.

  • I'm thankful for traveling, the trips we have taken and the ones we have planned. Here are some of the last minute pics I took two weeks ago in Philadelphia. Yes, I have a fancy camera that was with me but since it had been raining, I took these with my phone.

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