Thursday, July 7, 2011

Outfit Inspiration: Midi Skirts

I have a new interest in Midi Skirts.  I think technically a Midi Skirt is one that falls mid calf but for those of us on the petite side, it is most flattering if the skirt falls below the knee and at the top of the calf.  I am loving the look of these skirts!  I'm actually wearing a Midi Dress today.  I don't especially like my knees, and feel a bit naked if my legs are uncovered above my knees, so this is the perfect length for people with neurosis like me.

How To Wear Midi Skirts- Midi Skirt Shopping GuidePixie Market Red Skirt, $62, available at Pixie Market.

Keira Knightly image via

Olivia Palermo in a topshop dress image via

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