Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Closet Revamp - Phase 1

One of the projects I have on my to do list is to reorganize my closet.  It is a walk in, but barely.  You can walk in but that is it.  There is no walking after you make that initial step in.  It is pretty small and I tend to buy more than what it can hold.  I started to reorganize this past weekend.  I focused on one wall in the closet that only had a small two shelf unit and I started to hang my jewlery on the wall.  Things were starting to pile up on the floor and on the little shelving unit.  I purchased a new plastic organizer and made a frame to hold the jewlery I use most often.  I found lots of things to get rid of already and I haven't even went through the entire closet yet.  I hope to have the entire closet in better shape soon but I'm encouraged by these changes already!

the whole closet before and the east wall before 
 the east wall after

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