Friday, February 11, 2011

Casual Friday

Keeping with the positive theme of my gratitude post, I like my outfit today.  The sweater is a little bulky to belt but it is a necessity because it is keeping my toasty warm.  Here's hoping I can start to get some better pictures of my outfits.  These are awful!!  Whoops, switched to negative there.  Maybe I should be thankful the pictures are a little grainy and out of focus! 

Shirt - Old Navy
Sweater - Old Navy
Belt - Target
Jeans - Old Navy (thrifted)
Boots - Hush Puppies (Ridiculously Old)


  1. Your casual outfit looks cute and comfy!

    And I like your blog! (New Follower)

  2. Hi there Jill,

    A few weeks ago, I came across you blog and I was extremely in love with it and started following it. Also, I have chose you a recipient for "The Stylish Blog Award". For more information please check out my blog at


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