Monday, December 20, 2010

Chic Winter Boots?

Skylair Boot by Ugg® Australia

I don't like winter, snow or being cold. I am way past the age where the cold doesn't affect me. Seriously, what is it with those who are 21 and under not needing a hat or winter coat when it is below freezing!? I do want to be bundled up and warm but I don't want to completely sacrifice my "style" either. I'm not an Uggs fan; but these Skylair Boots are the cutest boots I have ever seen! Unfortunately, they are $230.00 (at which is a bit above my winter boot budget.

I found the boots below at The Creston boot is similar and more affordable ($119.95) but still not as cute as the un-Uggs Skylair Boot.

BP 'Creston' Boot

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