Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dreaming of Vacation

The web has been flooded with images of stars on their fabulous holiday vacations at the beach.  It makes me think of our upcoming Caribbean cruise vacation (just 22 more days!).  Every trip I pack too many clothes and never have what I want.  So this time I am already thinking and planning about what I am going to take along. 

There have been quite a few pictures of Cindy Crawford, her family and friends vacationing in Cabo. This picture (from is the ideal beach outfit for me.  I just love it. 

I'm desperately looking for a hat similar to hers and a cover up.  Here is what I have so far:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wish I Was Here Wednesday

porch mediterranean porch
photo via

This is where I want to be today...somewhere warm, luxurious and relaxing.  I've never been to the Mediterranean but this is what I think of when I think of traveling there.  Just Beautiful! Plus I love the food! 

The Turquoise Coast in Turkey

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Casual Friday

I've been thinking a lot about what is appropriate to wear to work on "casual fridays" since one of my coworkers wore a velour sweatsuit to work.  Twice.  She wore her velour sweatsuit to work two times.  How you dress, how you present yourself, really affects the impression people have of you.  Does she think she can be taken seriously at work wearing a velour sweatsuit??  Hopefully the horrid dressing at the office subsides now that the boss asked her if she was wearing her "jammies" when she wore the sweatsuit last.  But just in case, I've started putting together some ideas of what I find office appropriate on casual Fridays. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Ann Taylor Loft Sale - 50% Everything!

Ann Taylor Loft has had a 40% off promotion for quite a few weeks now where your entire purchase was 40%.  Now it is 50% your entire purchase in stores or online.  It is so hard for me to not shop when there are deals like these!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wish I Was Here Wednesday

Fulcrum Structural Engineering modern bedroom

Seriously, can you imagine waking up to this view in this gorgeous bedroom every morning?? Even just one morning? Amazing!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Working from home...

I'm attempting to do some work from home this morning. Rocky and Jada are very involved and helpful. They were also very involved with me trying to take a picture of them being involved in my work. They did all they could to get my hands to pet them rather than touch the keys on my laptop set up on my very sophisticated TV tray desk in front of the couch.

Thankfully, they did settle down eventually and I am able to reach the keyboard while Jada is sound asleep on my lap and Rocky lying by my side. There is no better way to work.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Chic Winter Boots?

Skylair Boot by Ugg® Australia

I don't like winter, snow or being cold. I am way past the age where the cold doesn't affect me. Seriously, what is it with those who are 21 and under not needing a hat or winter coat when it is below freezing!? I do want to be bundled up and warm but I don't want to completely sacrifice my "style" either. I'm not an Uggs fan; but these Skylair Boots are the cutest boots I have ever seen! Unfortunately, they are $230.00 (at which is a bit above my winter boot budget.

I found the boots below at The Creston boot is similar and more affordable ($119.95) but still not as cute as the un-Uggs Skylair Boot.

BP 'Creston' Boot

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Fabulous Beekman Boys

I was flipping through my Lucky magazine last night and saw Beekman 1802 Goat Milk soap! They said it is sold at They neglected to mention the Beekman Boys who make the Beekman 1802 soap have a reality show and they make other products as well. You can also buy the soap at other stores (I bought mine at Anthropologie) or online at The Beekman Boys’ website, I was hesitant to spend $10.00 on a bar of soap but did so because I think the Beekman Boys’ show on Plant Green is FABULOUS (It’s called The Fabulous Beekman Boys!). Well, the $10.00 turned out to be a good deal because the soap lasts forever. Also, I am not having as many problems with my eczema this winter. I think the goat milk soap has a lot to do with it. (Yes, Brent and Josh, I will be your spokesperson!!) Plus it smells great and I know the goats are treated with love and taken such good care of. If everyone loved animals as much as Farmer John on the Beekman Farm, the world would be a better place.

The Beekman Boys second season begins soon but you can watch the first season repeats and the Holiday Special now on Planet Green. I highly recommend it!
If you go to you can fabulous yourself into a picture with Josh and Brent (see mine below). Pretty cheesy for these very chic guys but quite fun!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wish I Was Here Wednesday

Today I wish I were in bed alternating between sleeping and reading. I feel down...almost like I may be coming down with the office cold...or it could just be the fact that is only 6 degrees outside.
The picture above is from Pottery Barn. It shows their Cameron Organic Matelasse Duvet Cover (White) & Sham and Neena Patchwork Quilt & Sham. I especially love the bedside table (Pottery Barn's Charlotte Bedside Table) in the picture. I love, love anything turquoise. It looks so great with everything else in the room. I so wish that was my spare bedroom at home!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I really do not like winter. I don't like it at all. I simply focus on my next vacation to a very chic, and warm, place. The only thing I half way think is nice about the winter and the snow is when you happen to look outside and see a bright red cardinal on a snowy tree. That is very pretty. The scene only lasts a short time...soon the snow melts off the trees and it is just cold and miserable again. So last weekend I made sure to take a picture to capture the moment.

Technically it isn't even winter yet and I'm already sick of it!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Metro Chic

So I have been thinking about starting to paint my nails. I have no problem with the toenails in the summer but the fingernails are a different story. I don't enjoy getting manicures at all. I think some of it is painful and I never know where they want me to move my hand. Plus, I always smudge it as soon as I leave the place. I decided to do my own; which I also don't enjoy because I feel like I don't do a good job and I end up smudging it before it dries. Sitting still without moving my hands for 5 minutes apparently is impossible for me. Nonetheless, I would love to have cool, painted fingernails. So I bought some of the purplish/gray color that I have been coveting for some time (since last year when it was actually in style). I bought some Sephora by OPI polish from Sephora. The color is called Metro Chic. I absolutely love the name and the color. I'm just not sure if I'm cut out for having my nails done. I think I need to stick to pedicures and leave the manicures (self or otherwise) to everyone else. I will just have to try to look Metro Chic some other way.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

J Crew Chic Gift Ideas

I received this email from J.Crew the other day with their Top 10 Gifts Under $100. (Click on the picture to bring it up in a seperate window where it will be bigger.) They claim they are their "chicest presents for an even chicer price". I love J.Crew but I'm not sure the fuzzy shearling earmuffs are my choice for a chic present. It could just be me though. I do love the PJs and the bag.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wish I Was Here Wednesday

I wish I were on vacation...palm trees, warm sunny weather, relaxing...
These pictures are of the Shore Club on South Beach in Miami. We are going to stay there in January the night we get back from our cruise. I hope it is as nice as it looks in the pictures! I can not wait!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Everything is Bigger in Texas!

In October I took a trip to Austin, Texas for work. I only went there for one meeting so I was there for just over 24 hours. I wish I could have stayed longer because the city seemed great! I did get to experience some fabulous food while I was there. I ate lunch at Walton's Fancy and Staple. The line was out the door! I had an amazing sandwich but it seemed most people were there for the baked goods. I had to take a picture of the Texas Cream Puffs. They were huge! The place was very chic with great food choices and a flower shop in the back.

When I was in the airport waiting for my flight home, I realized I had not had any Texas Barbecue. I took a risk and had a barbecue sandwich at the Austin airport. It was delicious and HUGE! My experience in Texas was the food is definitely bigger there! I hope I can go back soon and check some more stuff out.

Yep, I ate the entire thing.

Friday, December 3, 2010

InStyle's New Web Site

InStyle recently launched a new web site: I love how it has a list of deals and the ability to search for products from many different retailers. This is probably not going to help me not shop as much!

Trying Something New...

So I am behind the times and am just starting a blog. I love blogs. I like reading other people's blogs but have never thought about starting my own. I usually don't like to broadcast things about myself; especially to people I don't know. I feel like I shouldn't say anything unless someone asks me specifically about it. So, I have a bit of a problem with sharing. To be specific, I don't like to share. I have decided to work on that and put more of myself out there. I'm excited to see where this blog goes. Will it be more about fashion, finding a good bargain, travel, photography or my thoughts about things? I guess we will see!
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